Systweak CacheBoost

Systweak CacheBoost

CacheBoost counters the problem of the creation of temporary Internet files
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A number of temporary Internet files and cache files get automatically created every time the Internet is browsed. Prolonged usage of the Internet from a system will result in a number of files getting created and saved in the hard disc of the PC, thus making the programs run at a relatively slower pace than before. Not only will the programs run at a slower pace, it may so happen that the programs turn out to be unstable, causing considerable pressure and stress to the person browsing the Internet.

The new CacheBoost v5.0 software helps to effectively counter this problem of creation of temporary Internet files and cache files, especially in the operating systems such as Windows 2000, XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server. The new version maintains an effective vigil on the cache files, control the processes happening inside the memory portion of the system and helps in restoring the memory occupied by cache files.

In addition to effective control over the cache memory and files, the new software, having in-built Data Safe Technology and Memory Zipper engine, will help in effectively increasing the safety of the data in the system and reliability of the computer, thus fine tuning the system.

Luis Sanchez
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